Monday, June 19, 2017

Ready, Player One

I just finished this book, and I can say it's tons of fun.  It's an easy read, and the reviews do tell you everything you need to know to get into it.  I like the sense of adventure and virtual reality, and all the pop culture references, especially given that we're seeing more and more VR/AR nowadays.  It has some interesting commentary about the way things are in this world, and even offers a believable, if a little scary, future.

Some of the references to pop culture in the 80s were lost on me, but that doesn't really take away from the sense of fun in the book.  Many of the games are also too old for me to have any real experience playing them, whatever, this is fun.

Definitely worth reading.  5 out of 5.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Warriors Game 5

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I will never forget Warriors-Cavaliers Game 5.  You see, normally, Little Ender doesn't let me watch these games, because if the TV is on, it's usually for his Youtube videos, or Daniel Tiger, or Thomas the Train.  I usually ask, "Can Daddy watch the game?"  LE will say, "No! I watch...(insert kid show.)"

Except this time, midway through the first quarter, Warriors down 6, I asked, "Can Daddy watch the game?"  LE, "Yes!"  Then he grabbed my hand, pulled me to the couch and I turned on the game.  LE said, "We clap?" and I said, "Yes!"  Now that I think about it, he probably remembered watching the thrilling last 5 minutes of Game 3 with me a few days ago, and enjoyed all the screaming and yelling that we were doing for that one.

Then we watched.  With every Warrior bucket, I clapped, or cheered, and this made LE clap and cheer with me.  We developed a little routine, big bucket, "yay!" and claps, high ten, and a hug. Gradually the Warriors made their run in the 2nd quarter, and LE followed his routine with the whole family.  It was fantastic.  He was jumping up and down and screaming "yay!"

He probably won't remember seeing any of these finals, just like he won't remember watching Madison Bumgarner and his epic World Series performance a couple years ago, or the Warriors first title run, but maybe he'll remember the feeling of excitement, of shared joy.  More of those please.

Go Dubs!