Monday, February 27, 2017

The Sandman - Finished!

Just finished reading the Sandman comics, and in a word, WOW.  I would say that it is deepest set of graphic novels I've ever read.  It's a fantastic piece of story-telling, the artwork is stylized, but totally works for the story that it tells.  It's amazing how the stories tie together and the different perspectives play in to the larger story and the concept of dreams.  Some of it was literally difficult to read, parts of the narration was in cursive to portray a different narrator, which I'm way out of practice as far as easy reading. Nevertheless, this is a series that I will probably read again, because I'm sure I'll notice something different next time.

10/10 - will read again.  For now, I'll say goodbye to the Endless.

I've also started reading Saga.  Very different, but the story is amazing so far, with very interesting, modern-day themes.  Can't wait to read more, but I'm maxed out on my ebook borrowing for this month.  Thank goodness February is short!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tuft and Needle review

After 7 days with the Tuft and Needle Queen size mattress, I have to say, so far, I really like it!  We went with it because the mattress was a bit firmer than other ones based on Sweethome, and the because the price was attractive.  It doesn't hurt to also check Sleep Like the Dead.

It's definitely more supportive than my previous memory foam mattress from Costco, which I think was a Sleep Innovations mattress.  It's about 70 lbs so it was a bit of struggle to bring it upstairs myself.  It had surprising little smell when it was opened; I was able to sleep in it just a couple hours after opening.  When I first hopped on, I actually bounced back up a bit, which was my first indication that it was pretty supportive.

One thing I noticed is that when I sit in the TN mattress for a while, I don't get the lower back pain that I would from the other mattress.  Also, the edge support is much better, although it isn't saying that much because it's still memory foam.  The surprising thing is, the TN mattress is more supportive while being about 2" thinner than the previous mattress, I suppose it must be higher density foam. My preference is to "float" when I'm lying down, as opposed to being "enveloped" by the mattress, so the TN mattress has just about the right amount of give.

In any case, I recommend it, and it's quite affordable for a new mattress, ~$600.  I bought it directly from the manufacturer website rather than Amazon because the return window for the Amazon is 30 days vs 100 days from T&N.